Who we are and what we can do!

We are a full service structured cabling contractor based in Raleigh, NC. WestTek provides quality network, telephone and audio/video solutions. Planning to move your business or open a new one? Making additions or remodeling? These type of projects can be stressful, so let us help by clicking the button below and receive a free evaluation and detailed quote. We seamlessly provide the work to make your project or transition quick & easy.

Data Cabling Raleigh NC

Data and Voice (Cat5, Cat6) cabling is accountable for transferring all types of information throughout your company's interactive framework. This cabling forms the central source of communication and is an important business decision.

Audio Video Cabling Raleigh NC

In a rapidly changing world, Audio/Video at the workplace is becoming more and more important. Perform dazzling presentations in the conference room or large scale international meetings via video-conferencing.

Fiber Optic Cabling Raleigh NC

The possibilities for fiber optics are nearly endless due to its flexibility and durability. Even under extreme conditions, the light transmission signal cannot be easily distorted. Speed is king in the technological world and fiber provides that.