External Cabling

I want to talk a little today about external cabling. Data cabling in businesses and homes are usually done inside of walls, which means you need access to the entire wall in most cases. If you come across a wall that you cannot fish Cat5 or Cat6 wire through it can be for several reasons. Walls can have fire blocks installed in them to control fires when they break out, fire blocks are basically horizontal studs running across a wall, blocking access to any wiring done inside the wall unless you want to hack up drywall and make a mess. Also, components mounted on a wall can have plate anchors which can block access down a wall or make it very difficult to fish around.

A good way to cable in places with said obstacles is to use raceway. It's usually a plastic stick with which you can insert and hide cables in a clean and aethestic way. They usually come in a variety of colors and sizes (width and height). It can be attached either via adhesive backing or you can screw it into studs if need be. It is also a great way to hide audio and video cabling underneath mounted TV's if you cannot access the wall the component is mounted on. We hope this little tidbit helps out with some cable management solutions and how we remedy the problem for you. If you want to avoid the spaghetti mess of wires on solid or inaccessable walls, raceway is always a great choice!

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