'Tis the season!

Spring and Summer bring about a very busy time for our business. Lots of companies are either building, moving or doing additions. If you are in need of a structured cabling contractor in the Raleigh, NC or surrounding area to do data cabling, audio or video cabling or fiber optic cabling, please visit our contact page for a free evaluation and quote.

These projects can be chaotic, we try and lessen the stress load by filling your needs per our discussion prior to install. Please note it is not mandatory you know everything about datacomm or telecom to tackle a project like this. Even if you know very little, we ask basic questions to get the right fit for you. Don't know the difference between Cat5 and Cat5e? Or maybe you should be using Cat6 as network speed continues to rise. Questions about PBX or VOiP? We have you covered as we'll ask questions in reference to your specific needs and provide you with easy to understand recommendations and answers. Don't let this part of your project intimidate or cause added stress, let us help!

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