Plenum vs Riser rated cable

One decision we assist our customers and their general contractors with when doing data and voice cabling on their site is "Should we use Plenum or Riser rated cable?" The City of Raleigh code states all plenum air spaces must have plenum rated cable installed. A plenum air space usually consists of an open ceiling above tiles, no duct work with free flowing air being pushed through vents. Plenum rated cable has a Teflon substance on the PVC jacket, it reduces burn ability and toxicity. Riser rated cable on the other hand has just a plain old PVC jacket, when burned, it gives out a large smoke plume and is highly toxic.

If you have an installer come in to your up-fitted new construction with a plenum air space being installed and Riser rated Cat5e, Cat6 or Audio/Video cables are installed, you WILL fail inspection. The space cannot be occupied until all Riser cabling is removed and a new Plenum install is in place. Please take the time to inquire with us before an install which cable will suit your space, it will save time and headaches. These circumstances are also a good reason to have an experienced, trained cable technician doing your install so it can be done correctly the first time and explained in a manner you are comfortable with!

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